Free from Florida Pest

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Free from Florida Pest

Post  Pearlz on Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:47 pm

Florida pest is giving a way for free: 1.)  A Preventitive Drywood Termite Treatment 2.) 1 Year Damage & Repair Policy for Drywood Termites.

This is a different kind of termite than the subterranean termites, and is not covered under most termite policies or house insurance.  Renewal is optional and costs $129. per year.

Call Scott Orr at 904-545-1796 or the main office at 904-777-4460.

I am not affiliated with Florida Pest; I'm just a customer.  They gave my house the free treatment today.  They sprayed "entry points" along the bottom edge of the house, as well as cracks where the walls meet the roofs, and around windows.

There are several types of drywood termites, including:


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